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01.Fuel granuleds, pellets 8 mm
02.Wooden cat litter
03.Древесный наполнитель для кошачьего туалета мешок 15 кг
04.LUX pellets, 15 kg
05.Wooden cat litter
06.Fuel granules, pellets 6 mm
07.LUX wooden cat litter
08.Fuel granules, pellets 6 mm
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Древесный наполнитель для кошачьего туалета мешок 15 кг
Древесный наполнитель для кошачьего туалета мешок 15 кг
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Welcome to OPT TRADE

We are a producer of wooden pellets in Kirov region, Russia. Our company is looking for a buyer in Europe (final consumer is prefered, power plants, supermarkets). We may offer din+ and din pellets, packed in big bags, or small bags 15-30 kg, diametre 6 and 8 mm, pure pine, 100% ecological. Maximum capacity 1500 tonns.
Certificate SGS is here click here to get SGS.

Any other additional information is available by phone or via skype
telephone: +7 499 4-08-09-17
mobile: +7 964 646-05-78
skype: biotopllivo
Operating languages: English, French, German


Our company offers you high quality wooden fuel pellets. Please call us,   +7 964 646-05-78. Producing our pellets we use dry raw materials only, and this is why, the colour of pellets is always bright.  We produce 6mm and 8mm. Our factory produces 800 tn of pellets every month. We pack pellets to big bags, 1000kg each. The factory is located in Kirov region, and is about 1000km away from Moscow. We have a large warehouse, where we can store - up to 3000 tns of pellets. Which can be very useful if you want us to keep pellets for you. For now the terms of supply, can be EXW only, as our company has not finished custom's accrediation to export goods yet. Please feel free to contact us at any time


  Тепло вашего дома - позвольте позаботиться!  


 Gross cal value - 4616Kcal/kg.

Ash 0,36

Moisture 6,4% 

Diametre 6 and 8mm

Durability 98,3

Packing Big-Bag

Weight 1000 kg

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пеллеты 6мм


+7 (499) 4-08-09-17

+7 (964) 646-05-78
skype biotoplivo

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